samedi 5 janvier 2013

Derby Owners Club (EX Version)

Vu sur ebay (US) un "Derby Owners Club (EX Version)" à un peu moins de 2000€.

Les informations du vendeur :

---> The Ultimate Holiday gift for a real gamer at heart <---
The Next Item Up For Bid is the very rare and sought after Sega Derby Owners Club arcade game. According to, the game is rated RARE and there are only 3 registered collectors of the game in the world.
The game in the photo is from the Notorious Gameworks Location in Las Vegas. Why was Gameworks closed down? Was it due to this game? Were there not enough gamers in the city of Lights?
Are you getting the most out of your play at Derby Owners Club? Are you ready for excitement of epic proportions for your family and friends? Then look no more for the Ultimate Sport of Kings 3-D simulation.

What You Get
- 4 Satellites(each one is worth atleast (U.S. $1,200) and the Main Unit(U.S. $1,000 in value) with sound amplifier to run the Derby Owners Club 
- 50 Derby Owners Club cards
- The feared and well sought after stable of 20 ATX Horses. ATXStables DOT Com is the site supplying this game. ATX Stables is a great stable and supplies documentation to the game.
- 20 hours of Free phone tech support
- Derby Secrets manual with tips and tricks that no one has published on the Internet
- Fiber optic cables to connect the satellites to the main game system
- Power Chords for main unit and satellites

*Note: Keep in mind, that each satellite can be converted to play any SEGA Naomi game (over 100+) with very minor modifications

 The cabinet has been modified from its original due to space/footprint requirements. The original unit utilized very old rear projection technology, was large and cumbersome. The foot print to run the DOC will fit in a 6x10 room or smaller. Unit does not include main unit monitors. However, you can purchase or use your own PC compatible TVs or PC monitors to reduce space. Fun for the whole family!

Multiple games available.
Private Auctions for individual satellite additions available. The game can be expanded to 8 satellites.
P.S. Local pickup and special offers are available in the Austin TX and Seattle WA areas. Please contact for private auction.

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