samedi 5 janvier 2013

F355 Challenge

Encore une belle machine sur ebay US : Une F355 Deluxe à plus de 5000€ !

La description du vendeur :
Took me 3 months and probbably 100 hours to get this game to be way u see it., i have over 5 k in it. 2 alone in monitrs new wells 9200 , look at pics and see for ur self. q call XXXXXXXXXXXXX  , q is why would any one pay 2-3.5 k for unrestored game, once u get it u'll see the massive amount of work required, especialy if this game is to b in your home. do not low ball me  pick up prefered. game seperates into 2 pieces. shipping will be tough but doable.and it's not free :) probbably around 5-8 hundrad spare parts are main logic board worth $2000 alone, driver board i/o board . 

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